Artists’ statement

Brett Campbell’s work investigates concepts of creation, destruction and transformation. Their international performances explore different environments and identities. The performances are documented in various media, including impromptu interviews, installations and soundscapes, book art, photography and film.

Evidence of earlier actions is often destroyed in later performances. While some works, such as All That Is Not Us, have affiliations to autodestructive art, others, including Germinal, are as celebratory as the announcement of a ceasefire.

Brett Campbell tell stories and disrupt narratives by building tunnels into other peoples castles. They reveal the shattered back of the mirror that is usually turned to the wall. Humour and parody play an important part in their practice.

Brett Campbell’s tinder-box contains kindling such as slapstick, wilderness, Buster Keaton, Vedanta, Margate, Buddhist fire ceremonies, fairytales, sea shanties, John Cage, Ayn Rand, Hafiz, Rabia, Rumi, botany, Jitterbugging, Lindyhopping, spat throwing and sprats.